Property Taxes in Texas

Texas property tax solutions

  • Pay past due property tax bills
  • Avoid foreclosure due to unpaid taxes
  • Monthly payment plans available


Are you in need of a fast solution to avoid unpaid property tax penalties or foreclosure on your home, business, or land? In as soon as 3 days, Texas Property Tax Loans can pay off any current or delinquent property taxes you may have.


It's easy to fill out a property tax loan application online or just give us a call. After processing your application and verifying your property, you'll get approved and have your taxes paid by us. It's that easy.


You now have peace of mind knowing that your property taxes are paid in full. No more worries about costly penalties and fees. The easy monthly payments makes life better so you can continue to enjoy your property again.

Residential Property
All types of residential properties are included such as single family homes, duplexes, multi-family homes, vacation homes, and more.

Commercial Property
We can provide property tax loans on office buildings, strip malls, contractor yards, single business buildings, or any type of business property.

Vacant Land
If you own vacant land or building plot and you need help with paying the property tax bill, we can give you a property tax loan on those too.